I’m a druid. A gay punk gardener gym bro. An occasional nomad. A theorist and a poet. A publisher and editor. Sometimes an anarchist, sometimes a Marxist. I’m devoted to Brythonic and Gallic gods and some local land spirits and ancestors. I’m all of those things, and also other things. I’m mostly on the side of good.

  • I’m currently doing most of my writing at From The Forests of Arduinna. Subscribe there to get updates when I publish something.
  • You can also find my not-very-well-updated older blog here.
  • Or a list of my writing for A Beautiful Resistance (the Gods&Radicals Press blog) here.
  • You might like the podcast I do with Alley Valkyrie, Empires Crumble.
  • Or might like my books.
  • Maybe you’d like to support me on Patreon and get access to supporter-only essays.
  • Or look at some photos of ancient Pagan sites, my garden, and me on Instagram.

Regardless, thanks for coming. Be always well!


10 thoughts on “RHYD WILDERMUTH

  1. keeperofghosts says:

    I am wending. My way through the circuitous process of signing up and registering to participate in both paganarch and WordPress. I believe this reply is a final step and should produce a password. But I might be mistaken.

  2. Dan Todd says:

    Thank you for your dismissal of Alexander Reid Ross. You might find of interest my dismissal of him in April of 2017 on Anarchist News; the article was titled “ARRm and Hammers.” I knew him years ago here in Tucson at the Dry River Anarchist Collective, hence my hostility. The article is flippant, let’s say, my preferred style, but savage, given his insinuations. I’ll happily send you same if not readily available at Anarchist News. Salud! Dan Todd

  3. Warren Jones says:

    On your recent podcast with Gordon White of Ruin Soup you mentioned you run some courses. What are these courses and how do you enrol?

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