I’m a druid. A gay punk gardener gym bro. An occasional nomad. A theorist and a poet. A publisher and editor. Sometimes an anarchist, sometimes a Marxist. I’m devoted to Brythonic and Gallic gods and some local land spirits and ancestors. I’m all of those things, and also other things. I’m mostly on the side of good.

  • You can find my blog here.
  • Or a list of my writing for A Beautiful Resistance (the Gods&Radicals Press blog) here.
  • You might like the podcast I do with Alley Valkyrie, Empires Crumble.
  • Or might like my books.
  • Maybe you’d like to support me on Patreon and get access to supporter-only essays.
  • Or look at some photos of ancient Pagan sites, my garden, and me on Instagram.

Regardless, thanks for coming. Be always well!


6 thoughts on “RHYD WILDERMUTH

  1. keeperofghosts says:

    I am wending. My way through the circuitous process of signing up and registering to participate in both paganarch and WordPress. I believe this reply is a final step and should produce a password. But I might be mistaken.

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