…new writing projects until I finish the ones I’ve started!

Sorry.  Mostly just a reminder to myself, as this morning, on my very short bike ride to work (3 minutes), I came up with the titles of several big essays I want to write. Including:

Oh, Hayao! (On how watching a vhs tape of Miyazaki’s Nausicaa, the Valley of the Winds while in my mamaw’s trailer in Appalachia when I was 8 made me the man-lusting, nature-loving anarchist Pagan I am today)

The Politics of the Unseen (How Atheist Lacanian Marxist Rockstar Philosopher Slavoj Zizek is every Pagan’s greatest ally)

Liberating the Enchanted Kingdom (a Revolutionary Manifesto against Disney’s Occupation of our Magical Space)

and Screen, a Love Story (an allegorical exploration of gay pagan online dating, and why rubbing your furry jaw against a monitor is quite unsatisfying).

But you’ll have to wait for all those, because I’ll have to wait for all those, because I’ve got several unfinished essays (including one on Queer Magic to submit to an anthology, one on Bardic-Magic and Marx, a Pagan’s guide to Capitalism, and a review of Christine Kraemer’s new book) that I really ought to finish.  And I’m moving, which means I should start thinking about packing.

Also, there’s been a toad who comes to my back door every night, and a rabbit just had bunnies and burrowed them under the mulch outside my window, and also my heart’s been all warm lately, and I’ve got several books to finish writing, and a bunch of candles to make for Imbolc,  and there’s lots and lots of tea to drink.


Here’s the link to tonight’s Wyrd Ways radio broadcast.  Tonight’s guest is my dear friend Julian Betkowski, author of Erosiserosiseros and the Syncretic Electric column on Patheos’ Agora blog.  It starts at 10pm Eastern Standard time (Wednesday, 15 January), and all episodes are archived if you miss it.  You’ll like him, I think.


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