Darkly Arcane Words of Mind-Shattering Power

The darkest of priests and mages, necromancers and spirit-workers whom I’ve met all have a certain arcane word they utter when faced with mind-shattering experiences.

That word?


I do not jest.

That being said:


I’ve more than reached my fundraising goal for the Polytheist Leadership Conference in July.  The extra money, as mentioned in the post, will go towards setting myself up after quitting my job (and probably Eugene) in order to go to the conference.

It’s strange.  Because of so much generosity (fun fact–a good half of the donors to the fundraiser aren’t even polytheists, and a handful aren’t Pagan, either…), all the stress of worrying about precisely how I’ll get there and what I’ll do directly afterwards has utterly dissipated.

I’m not accustomed to not stressing, by the way.

So.  Thank you all!!!


In other news, a few others are re-invigorating the 30-days-of-devotion meme.  As a word of clarification, it was first made known to me through Galina, who I think got it from Ruadhan, who I believe got it from a Luciferian?  And someone was compiling all of them, but I cannot remember the site (any reader who knows that link and can send it to me?)

The two I’ve just learned of: Catriona MacDonald (Wayland the Smith) and Nornorial Lokason (Asmodai, which fits the Luciferian origins of this meme).  Rather exciting, actually–I think there’s probably no simpler introduction to a god you haven’t met than reading someone’s attempt to explain them.  Good luck to you folks–it can actually get kind of intense.

Be well and in love and beauty, all of you.

5 thoughts on “Darkly Arcane Words of Mind-Shattering Power

    1. I’ve read some of yours! Sorry I left you out. My link says I’m inactive, though I finished. I may try to compile an updated list sometime or put a link to them on my site somewhere.

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