Note on a Name

As you may know, a site was created last month with the apparent intention of taking from me my name.

I’m writing this to let you know that I have my name back.

The site is gone, the URLs assigned to the site now point to this blog instead, and so I consider this matter fully resolved.

I hold no ill will regarding those involved in this debacle, including—and especially—the person whose business performed the purchase of the internet addresses.

I will not name him here, but I will say that he was incredibly helpful in resolving the issue. In fact, my conversations with him only further convince me that humanity is inclined more towards beauty and love than hatred or misery.

A person’s name follows them everywhere. It’s the gift they give to friends and family, to lovers and strangers, and it is how we remember those who depart the world. I have my name back, and the person involved should feel safe knowing they have theirs, too.

It’s deeply important to me that no more strife come from this particular matter. I hold absolutely no ill will about this, and I would ask those who read me, know me, and even those who dislike me to let this be the final word on the matter. Let no more be said about it or about anyone involved, and let us walk from this in peace.

I would like never to mention the matter again. I ask that you please do the same.

Beltane approaches. The fires of summer will be lit as the winter we have known passes away. I would like to celebrate life and all that is good in it, and all that is good in each other, in ourselves, and in all the Other which spins the threads by which we weave our worlds.

I wish the same for all of you.