The Threads of Darkness

I’m almost completed the Bardic grade of OBOD. Much of what changed in my world began a little before I started, soul-wrenching dreams and strange spiritual panics in the face of what I understood of the world changing around me. And there’s been this really…dark thread throughout it that I don’t look at much, waiting […]

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Threads in Candlelight

I said to a friend, “We see the darkness, and some go in.  It is the abyss.  We have to find out what is there, to find out if there is meaning.  And we see only the abyss. And some go mad. And some never return. And some–” I’m pretty sure Dionysos sort of doesn’t […]

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Notes on "Worlding the Earth"

My first contribution to the blog Sense of Place is now at Patheos! This post will make more sense if you read it first.  I cannot overstate (and I never overstate–right?) how thrilled I am about getting to write there. I’m also excited about the series I’m writing.  A question which has haunted me my […]

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