Garen is a Provisioner, gifted and cursed with unbidden visions of the future. When an empire on the verge of war enlists him against his will for a reason he cannot foresee, his choices threaten not only his own life, but the lives all those devoted to She-Who-Foresees.


The Provisioner is a short novel-in-progress.

Individual chapters are listed below. If you are a supporter, you can also view an updated version of the manuscript (pdf) containing all completed chapters here (requires supporter password).

Chapter ONE:  Awakening from a night he cannot remember with a man he doesn’t know, Garen rushes home to answer a knock coming on his door.

Chapter TWO: Kept in the dark as to his task, Garen consults his teacher, Yura

Chapter THREE: An unconscious longing; whispers of war; a prayer.

Chapter FOUR: Yura prepares Garen for his journey

Chapter FIVE: Garen meets the men he must help; one of them is not whom he seems to be.

Chapter SIX:  A brutal death unsettles Garen; he learns more of his companions.

Chapter SEVEN:  A ritual reveals the dark history of the lands they travel through; Garen confronts Uric regarding his identity.

Chapter EIGHT:  After sorting the images from his ritual, Garen discovers a manifestation of the witch’s hex.

Chapter NINE:  (Supporter Only) A fight between two of his companions leads Garen to identify a hidden saboteur.

Chapter Ten: (Supporter Only) In the ruins of an abbey, the hunters become the hunted.

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