There are some damn incredible writers worth reading.  This is a very incomplete list of who I read and think perhaps you should consider reading, too.  It will be updated periodically.

(Please note: these categories are arbitrary, and most fit into several.)



(Spirit-Workers, Witches, and other Magical sorts)


Niki Whiting: A Witch’s Ashram

Niki is a Feri-trained witch and polytheist who writes about her explorations of the Hindu gods and her fascinating life with children.  She also used to write for the same group blog that I write for, A Sense of Place


Dver Winter: A Forest Door

Dver lives in Eugene, a hauntingly magical town almost flooded with spirits.  Her insights into them have helped me greatly (including directions to a tree I needed to find while there).  Also, her artwork is gorgeous, particularly her masks.

12-Step Witch

There’s not enough talk in Pagan traditions about our relationships to substances, but 12-Step Witch helps fill in this gap.  She’s a Reclaiming Witch, writing about the embrace of pleasure without reliance on the chemicals most of us turn to.

Anthony Rella: Clear Skies

You utterly want to know what a charming and attractive Mental Health Counselor and Witch has to say about Beyonce and Individuation.  Yes, you do.


(Druids, Priests, and others writing primarily on the gods and their relations to humans)

John Beckett: Under the Ancient Oaks

John’s an OBOD Druid who’s writing is perhaps the quintessential collection of thoughts regarding all aspects of gods and mortals, community, the earth, and occasionally politics.  He’s also probably the closest American Paganism has to a kindly, parish Priest.

Galina Krasskova: Gangleri’s Grove

Galina’s a spirit-worker, a northern-tradition Shaman and Odinist.  Unafraid of controversy, she’s a particularly knowledgeable resource on Ancestor-Work.

Julian Betkowski: Eros is Eros

Both an artist and a theorist, with a mind like a warhammer.  Julian’s writing deeply addresses societal, psychological, and philosophical aspects of modern polytheistic and Pagan belief.

Edward Butler: Henadology

Known particularly for his erudition, Edward often reads like graduate-level text yet is incredibly approachable (even more so when he reads publicly).



(Writers, poets, and others word-weavers)

Lorna Smithers: From Penerverdant

Lorna’s a spectacular poet, and also a Brythonic polytheist devoted to Gwyn Ap Nudd.  Her writing seems to draw threads of magic from the land itself, thus the subtitle of her blog, Enchanting the Shadowlands, is quite apt.

Sarah Sadie

Sarah’s a published poet devoted to Wayland the Smith.  She doesn’t appear to have a primary website, but she contributes regularly to Sermons from the Mound at Patheos.




(Anarchists, Heretics, and Other Fine Folks)

Alley Valkyrie

Alley’s fucking awesome, an Anarcho-Witch-Activist-Crafter.  She writes for The Wild Hunt, makes some pretty incredible clothing and patches, and scares powerful people.  You’ve really always wanted to watch a fabulous witch wearing a bear hat threaten government officials with the spectre of feces? Here you go.

Conner Habib

Writers aren’t always the most attractive sorts, nor the sort you’d expect to see wrestling naked with others on film.  But then there’s Conner.  He’s a writer, a lefty, a Witch, and a porn actor.  His primary blog won’t get you in trouble at work, but his tumblr might.

Margaret Killjoy

Also known as Magpie, Margeret’s done so many brilliant things that one can forgive him for not updating his blog regularly.  Of particular note: he founded SteamPunk Magazine, and has gotten to present alongside the greatest writer of all time, Ursula K. Le Guin.   He updates his tumblr more frequently, but really, consider reading his longer works.


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