New Sense of Place Post, Erotic Lithuanians, and thanks!

My new post on Patheos, exploring Worlding, Dualism, and Agency: The Magician, The World.  An excerpt:

The reason “worlding” seems to me an apt way to understand enchantment and disenchantment is precisely because it is an act of human mediation, an act of human agency. It reminds us that, because we create the world, we delineate or expand the Other, imbuing and drawing it forth, coaxing and shepherding it from its hidden places or walling it out of our worldings.

I managed to write a 4800 word essay and then another 1000 word essay in four days.  This is actually what I’d rather be doing with myself. That, and writing fantasy. And erotica.  I’ve actually been playing around with offering my “services” as a personalized erotica-writer.  More fun if in involves Lithuanian werewolf shamans and doubting Templars–one of my favorite pieces, written for a former lover’s birthday.

Speaking of Lithuania, one of the posts from my pilgrimage got translated and reposted on what appears to be a Lithuanian Baltic Culture/Religion/Recipe site:

The original is here: Walled Cities, Walled Mountains

I share this honor with Morpheus Ravenna.  Which, I figure, if they posted that article (the anti-racist ancestor piece), then the site probably isn’t fascist.  They have recipes. Fascists can’t cook.

Also, Julian Betkowski’s new post is  also up on Patheos.  Not enough people read him–he’s brilliant, and has a luscious beard.

Also, thanks for all the re-posts of my last piece.  It’s kinda damn cool to be read and clicked on.

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