One of the things communities are for

I never knew Eddy Gutiérrez , also known as Hyperion.  I had only the scantest understanding of his work, and this only from friends who found it meaningful.  I have nothing to add and really even these words seem too much noise added to other people’s sorrow.

But I can’t stop thinking about his partner and how great his loss must be.   So I’m adding just this, insufficient words of condolences to someone I’ve never met for his sorrrow.

I’m sorry, mate.  Good hope to you, and peace.  May life spring eternal for you, and may you be surrounded always by love. 

DruidCraftTarot-FiveofPentaclesAlso, if you’ve a tiny bit of money, consider helping him with the funeral expenses and all the other stuff that comes when someone you build your life with goes away.  In any death, be it of a way of life, a love, or of a life itself, no matter how deep your sorrow is, the physical realities of existence come crashing through and there’s that sudden fear–“how will I survive?”  It’s the dissolution and fear in the Five of Pentacles.

It’s a terrifying fear, but that’s what community is here for.

The link is here. 


Eddy Gutiérrez (Hyperion)
Eddy Gutiérrez (Hyperion)Eddy Gutiérrez (Hyperion)
Eddy Gutiérrez (Hyperion)

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