“Pagan Tea Time!”

Christine Kraemer, the editor of the Pagan channel at Patheos, has a great idea:


During the month of February, if you write online, make a date to have a cup of tea (or food or drink of your choice) with another writer or commenter. Even better, be daring, and make it someone you’ve argued with. Those of you who are attending PantheaCon will have numerous opportunities to eat and drink and talk together in person, and I hope you will take them! But for those who won’t be there, I invite you to take a risk: e-mail someone (or more than one!) whose voice you’ve never heard before and ask them for an hour of their time via video chat (or failing that, phone). Get a glimpse of their pets or babies or partners. Show off your altar or your book collection or the way the sunlight slants into your kitchen. Put away your debates for a while and take the time to talk. Debates can come later.

I’m a Pagan writer.  I’ve sort of argued with some people.  I now have a laptop that can do videochat.  And I really, really like tea.

So, I’m game.  Any other writers who’ve wanted to see what I actually sound like, or look like through the filter of a webcam, I’m happy to talk.  I might sound different than I look.  According to a gorgeous man whom I like lots and lots:

  “He talks funny, but it’s not his fault.  What he says is absurdly adorable.”

And I want to talk to you, whomever you are.  You’re probably awesome, and maybe also talk a little funny.  And I want to talk to you, especially if we’ve argued or debated or maybe seemed mutually grumpy!

So, comment here or email me at gmail (aulnaissance), and let’s set up a time!  Also, let’s do it early, because I’m a rebel and also will be in transit the last few weeks of February.

Be well! 

9 thoughts on ““Pagan Tea Time!”

  1. Jeannine says:

    Have you ever had Navajo tea? No caffeine, but definitely worth trying it you get a chance.

    I’d enjoy drinking tea and talking with you!

    1. Rhyd Wildermuth says:

      I haven’t yet! I’m maybe possibly a caffeine addict, though occasionally i’ll drink mint, damiana, mugwort, and chamomile.

      Let’s definitely do so! Can you videochat? I -just- got the ability to do so three weeks ago.

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