Audio of Wyrd Ways Discussion

For those who missed the show last night, I’ve uploaded the audio for it (70 minutes).

It was an absurd amount of fun. It’s a bit funny at the beginning, though, where Galina asks me to talk about myself and I’m all like, “uh….I wasn’t expecting that question.”  Because of course I wasn’t. : )

I got to talk significantly about the external pressures on Paganism, particularly the issues with commodification of religious belief (which Wicca suffered the brunt of), and the barriers to belief we experience from our cultural inheritance.  Also, making common cause with post-colonial movements, disenchantment, Capital as Alchemy, Pagan Tea Time, my pilgrimage, Brigid and social justice, and life “exploding into brilliant meaning.”

Eager to hear your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “Audio of Wyrd Ways Discussion

  1. I think you presented your views, beliefs, and thoughts with candor, care, and well-placed words. It was great listening to you on the show. I will have to give it a re-listen, because I am sure there was a lot of good things I missed. I deeply enjoyed the part where you talked about how capitalism frames everything. It is something that people take for granted when they’re surrounded by a dominant paradigm; imagining something else is damned difficult.

    1. imagining something else is damned difficult.

      Oh, oh yes. It seems the majority of the theory I’ve read on the matter tries to get at that particular point. There’s a peculiar thing that Capitalism has managed to do that most other arrangements didn’t, which is universalize itself both in the present and also into the past, so that is appears to be “always-already” there. My preferred reading of that question is that, because it denies access to an individual’s means of production, it also translates into a barrier to the social/historicizing (or, per the themes of my sense of place posts, “worlding”) drive of individuals and communities.

      In essence, since we have no choice but to rely on it for our very means of existence, it translates into relying on it for our own self-creation, as well. Since so much spirituality is tied to our relationship with the land around us and our basic modes of living, Capitalism is also able to present itself as a surrogate or, worse, a replacement for our relationship to the land.

      Glad you liked the conversation! : )

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