Wandering Again

Tomorrow, I heft upon my back a rucksack filled with all the important things that can be carried, in order to be amongst other very important things that can’t.

I’m parting for the Northwest in a few hours after having spent the last four months with my relentlessly wonderful family (really, kinda the greatest family there ever maybe is).  That experience, and what it meant to be here, deserves many, many more words than I’ve currently time for.

I’ll be traveling for about 2 weeks, so there’ll be a bit of silence on my part.  Not that the world goes silent just because one does, of course. And not that I’ve any desire to be silent–I’ve 4 unfinished pieces I wrote in the last couple of days (while I maybe should have been packing, but I’ve never claimed I’m not addicted to words), but there will be time for those, and all the other things.

A fun thing, though.  I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with a particular god, a common occurrence, I’ve heard, which is why it’s fucking awesome there are so many other people writing about their experiences with Them, because you know you’re not alone.
Anyway, it appears that will be beginning again, and it’s a sudden, wonderful feeling to feel that return.

Anyway, public apologies to those to whom I owe long email replies to your long emails.  I shall take them up soon.

Be well, all of you.

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