Can You Help?

As you may already know, I’ll be giving a presentation at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in New York in July.  That is, if I get enough money to go.

I loathe asking for money.  Unfortunately, I don’t have another option in this case.

I’m trying to raise a minimum of 750 dollars to pay for travel and lodging.  Anything beyond that will mean I won’t have to couch surf too long afterwards, as I’ll likely have to quit my job and place in Eugene in order to go.  It means that much to me, yeah.

Donations of 100 or more have a perk: I’ll write you something.

And if you can’t donate, can you help me get the word out? Reposts/reblogs are as appreciated as donations.

Details are here

Thank you, kind folks.

Be well!

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