Seven things


We just got the presentation schedule for the polytheist conference in July.  The organizers have a great sense of humor.  I’ll be presenting at the same time as Raven Kaldera, and Julian Betkowski will be presenting at the same time as Anomalous Thracian.  But it’s okay!  Julian and I have hatched a very secret plan to sabotage the beloved Thracian’s presentation, not by getting him drunk (like that’d work!), but by getting him sober.

Yes, that’s right. Already planning wild antics, but mostly because I’m sorta kinda crazy nervous.


Thank you, endlessly, all of you who’ve already donated to my fundraising campaign, or have reposted my plea, or both.  You are all incredible.


I still have many things to tell you.  There’s a story I really want to write, a true one (all stories are true, but you know what I mean) about making dinner for 200 queers as a devotion to Brighid and finding everything becoming a beautiful circle, a strange transposition that is more poetry than I’m ever able to comprehend.  That will take a few more days.


I’ve begun feeding the crows along the creek here.  I have stories to tell you on this, too.


I feel full of stories, or storied, or–I don’t know.

I’ve been telling my story to someone lately, and listening to his, and it’s been maybe the most beautiful thing I could imagine.  Did you know there are brutally hot, furry polytheist gay men in the world?  And they’ll talk to you for hours and hours?  And say the sweetest fucking things imaginable, and consider dreaming with you?  And…and…

I have in the past few weeks become apprised of such a thing.


I am utterly behind on correspondence.  I apologize.  I shall rectify this soon.  I supposedly have a day or two off of work coming.  Thanks for your patience


I love you all.


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