I’ve been searching for the words to write about you, but I do not know where to find them.

Shall I breathe in the dust on old tomes of fragile yellowed paper smelling of the ash of old men?  Maybe follow the shape of sounds on foreign tongues?  Perhaps study glyphs traced in the air, sigils inscribed into dirt, runes etched into stone, fews carved into trees?  Might I find them there within the ballads, the incantations and spells of dead mages and bards?

I do not think they will be found there, and all the words I know fall short, trailing off into silent waiting.

I…I hope I can learn them from you, find them written across your face, inscribed across my flesh, whispered in our shared breath, exhaled in our serene laughter, groaned in our struggled trying, and cried in our quiet surrender.


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