Hospitality, Not Bombs

MadGastronomer has a brilliant fucking idea that anyone else fond of Brigid (like me) will fall all over themselves for–feed people.

Feeding people. Hospitality. Really, the one is the core of the other, to me, the most basic thing you can do to provide hospitality. Hospitality to the community, rather than to individuals, in this case. Some of the people you feed will be homeless, some very poor, some merely broke that day, and some will have plenty of money and just think the food smells good. It doesn’t matter. They’re there. Feed them. Feed people. It’s so simple.


Yes, please.  If anyone wants to do this and needs any advice on mass food-service, I’m also happy to advise, as I used to run restaurants, have catered weddings, and made curry for 220 people at Beltaine last week.


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