Wildean Intersexuality

That was kinda damn fun.

Gave my presentation this evening at the Polytheist Leadership Conference.  It appears it’s utterly possible to talk about Capitalism and Hegemony and how it all relates to belief and the gods for close to an hour-and-a-half.

I think the only odd moment was when I said “intersexuality” instead of “intersectionality” when I was talking about Oscar Wilde (which, I should add, is fitting).  But it made people laugh, so…yeah.

I’ve more to say, but that’s all coming later.  I don’t believe my presentation was recorded, but I’ll be posting a scaled-down written version here in a few days.

I really want to give it again now.

Also, I finally understand something about the dead hanging around, particularly more so as I began to work out some of these theories.  Did you know the dead can be awfully damn cool?  And revolutionary?  I’ll tell this story sometime soon.

Meantime, there was a new A Sense of Place post today.  To be honest, I barely remember writing it, as I’ve been rather harried.  It’s on Brighid.

Be well.  And thank you, again, to all of you who made this possible.



2 thoughts on “Wildean Intersexuality

  1. I was too hallucinated out to inquire further about how the dead are involved in what you discussed (to which you alluded at the beginning of your presentation, but then didn’t follow up on…no worries, but I was, and still am, curious!); and, I still owe you more discussion of George Cecil Ives, so there’s that, too. Perhaps we can do both in person soon? One hopes. 😉

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