“I think I’m going to die”

beesontrees-copyHave you read Alley Valkyrie’s latest piece in The Wild Hunt?  I really think you should.

In the dream, I was hunched over a whirling pool of water, in a trance, staring into the abyss. Suddenly a spirit-woman appeared in the whirlpool. She opened her eyes at me, opened her mouth, and swarms of bees started to fly out. As they flew away, the spirit-woman started to rot away before my eyes, quickly turning to bones and decomposing flesh.

The evening after reading Alley’s piece I found myself drinking wine with a friend and his neighbor whom I’d just met.  She was inebriated and not speaking fully with her own voice.

She showed me her bee tattoo.

She kept telling me she was going to die soon.

Her name was Melissa.

I wish I were making this up.



Have you found a divination trade-friend yet?  I think you should find a divination trade-friend.







7 thoughts on ““I think I’m going to die”

  1. This year I’ve been trying to be more conscious and thankful for the bees every time I see them. While my experiences with them have not been as dire as Ally Valkyrie’s, I do get the feeling they want me to pay attention.

  2. I rescued a bee from a spider in the garden yesterday – I had to chill her in the fridge for a while afterwards, so I could pull off the spider’s silk – and I felt kind of well, silly and awkward about it, because spiders need to eat, too, but I feel less silly now. (I put out a bee-and-insect water supply earlier this summer.)

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