I sometimes use images for my essays and posts here, and the other sites I write for pretty much expect accompanying images.  Typically, after I’ve written an essay, I spend about the same amount of time searching for photos to accompany my words as I did to actually write them, and I’m no photographer myself.

So.  I’m wondering–any of you fine Imagists interested in a collaborative relationship?  That is, you allow your photos to be used, I link folks to your site (or, if you’ve got no site, at the very least make sure your details are listed with the photos) and, at least here, provide a link in my blog’s sidebar for you.  Unfortunately, I cannot pay for the use, but I’m happy to trade exposure.

Interested?  Please contact me.

One thought on “Photographers!

  1. Jeannine says:

    A friend of mine is an amazing photographer. I’m not sure that your work and his would really intersect, but it’s nice to advertise friends and acquaintances. I’ll mention your post to him.

    This is the end!

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