Last Minute, but…

I somehow missed this in all the excitement of everything else going on.

Polytheist writer Drew Jacobs, aka Rogue Priest, aka Andre’ Solo, has been organizing a fundraiser for a bike trip across Mexico.

It apparently only has 56 hours left.

I know there’s like 50 people asking for money at the moment, and they’re all good folks.  Damn, I may even be asking you all for money pretty soon, or at least trying to sell a book at you.

But still, what he’s doing is kinda damn cool.  Also, he’s a writer, and should write more.  I reviewed his book and liked it except for the word “panties,” because, well, panties.

So, yeah.  If anyone hasn’t seen his fundraiser (I hadn’t seen it until just now), consider throwing a few dollars his way!

2 thoughts on “Last Minute, but…

  1. Please do not give him money. He is my ex-spiritual teacher and he is not a good guy. I have kept this mostly to myself because of all “no don’t cause drama in the community” messages and since he’s drifted off the radar. But if he comes back, hell no I will not sit and watch the polytheists get sucked in by his charms.

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