Three things!

Your Face is a Forest

My first book is now available through Lulu!

And, happily, Lulu is currently offering free mail shipping or 50% off ground shipping until November 11th.  Use code HSQ2 for this.


The schedule for Pantheacon 2015 has just been announced.  Alley Valkyrie and I will be presenting together on Saturday, 14 February, which is also my birthday, which I think is a pretty decent way to celebrate it.  I mean, what Anarcho-Pagan-Punk-Aquarian wouldn’t want to talk to a bunch of people about Radical Paganism alongside Alley Valkyrie on his birthday???

A Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation

Possibly one of the coolest (and most powerful) things I’ve seen planned is this.  It starts 12 November and is timed to coincide with Transgender Remembrance day.  It’s both an awfully amazing thing to do as well as a great entry to ancestral rituals for those who are curious.  All the information is here.

Be well!




4 thoughts on “Wheeee!

  1. I haven’t heard back from the organizers yet, but I am curious as to whether or not the folks organizing the rite surrounding the elevation of the gender variant dead or doing any divination around whether or not the dead they seek to elevate are interested in the process. My holy dead are almost exclusively queer and trans folks and, as I was growing to know them, I reached out to other known queer and trans dead and more than a few of them responded with what boils down to ‘no, leave me the fuck alone’. What I was able to gather is that they had either died violently and just wanted some peace without being bothered or their name had been used in a variety of causes and they were tired of being dialed up, as it were, and wanted some rest (or both).

    I think it’s a wonderful idea and I’ll be interested to see how the organizers are working to make sure the dead who would rather keep their rest and not be brought forth are not inconvenienced.

    1. The folks I met who came up with this were awfully cool people–I’m sure they’d be up for answering that. 🙂

      Also, one thing about that–a lot of elevation usually involves really troubled dead…I wouldn’t be surprised at such reactions. The dead can be really tricky–some of them are like the Buddhist “hungry ghost” and cannot be elevated, but rather must be helped (sometimes forcefully) to end. Working to elevate and heal some of the most troubled dead is gonna be hard work, either way!

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