For the Trans-Dead

This is a prayer I wrote and will be using for the trans-rite of Ancestral Elevation.

Feel free to use, add or alter this in any way.

Hey and hail!
you’re not forgotten.
Hey to you, hail!
you’re heard now.
Hey you, and hail!
motherfathers, sondaughters,
You’ve my ear.
Hail to thee, hey to thee!
shadows thought lost
from one to another
to neither, to both.
One foot here
another foot there
I witness your dance.
We’ve forgotten, we remember
who feared we’d forget
on one side, on the other
we honor your both.
Hey you! Hail you!
Honored transgressors
Drink of this water
Hey you! Hail you!
Honored ancestors
Be warmed by this flame
Hey! Hail!
Rise from the shadows.
See by this light.
Hey! Hail!
In this water I offer you
wash now your pain.
I remember you
opening the way
from one to other
to neither to both.
Journey on, travel well
And I will remember.



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