My Inner Atheist…

My piece for the Wild Hunt about Newgrange went up on Saturday.  There’s a bit of overlap between it and “A Kindness of Ravens,” though there’s some other stuff there, including a dead atheist.

Also, I’ve compiled all the links to my Pilgrimage Journals from this Solstice on one page for those interested.

And…I’m back in Seattle.  And it’s strange and interesting and foreign and not Wales one bit.  But we knew this.


3 thoughts on “My Inner Atheist…

  1. Hi Rhyd, just wanted to comment here and let you know I’ve immensely enjoyed your pilgrimage posts, and your writing affected me enough to make me decide to buy your book, which I just did once some extra money showed up for me. Love your perspective on things, and your willingness to throw yourself into the workings of the gods.

  2. So, my next three questions are:

    1) Will you be making your pilgrimage writings into a book(let)? YOU SHOULD!

    2) Soon, shall I come down there, or would you like to come up here? I have to get down there in the next few weeks, definitely, but: impatience. 😉

    3) When can we get yourself, Niki, and myself to the Shinto Shrine? Having a ceremony there for the success of Many Gods West would be advisable, I think…

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