Anti-Capitalist Anal-Sex Mountaineering Boots

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The piece I’m writing for The Wild Hunt this week involves lots of Christianity. And maybe some anal-sex, though I was told that anal-sex and anal sex are different.  Apparently, the hyphen makes it an adjective.  According to my fellow Wild Hunt writer, Terence, the proper use of the hyphenated version might be, “Glad I wore my anal-sex boots today!”

So maybe without the hyphen.  My boots are multi-purpose, anyway.

The piece is also about Capitalism and Brighid, though.  And particularly about how Capitalism infects modern religions through the allure of power.

You all know I used to be a Christian, yeah?  Not just a Christian, but a Southern Baptist, and one quite into it.  I was always fucking up to some degree, though–I’d always take certain parts too seriously.  I remember when I suggested wine might be okay because, well, Jesus turned water into it.  And I was told by a pastor, with a straight-face, no–that wasn’t really wine, but grape juice.  They didn’t drink alcohol really.  It was like kool-aid.”

I was also an Atheist for awhile.  In fact, most European-derived Anarchists tend to be, to some degree.  Seeing all the abuse of clergy helped that, but particularly the way the church in Europe and America helped provide the moral and theological justifications for authoritarianism and Capitalist exploitation. Atheism is a justified and quite reasonable response to regimes who use the notion of the Divine as the foundation of oppression against the poor and workers.

I’m always surprised, then, to see Atheism used as a foundation to justify the exploitation of others and the supremacy of the Capitalist system.  Therein’s the crux of most of my issues with Atheism within Paganism; not Atheism-in-itself (as I said, not only do I think Atheism to be quite honorable, I was an Atheist myself, as are still many of my friends), but Atheism which questions only belief in the Other as opposed to questioning the entire fucked-up system we find ourselves living within.

Same, though, with Christianity.  I’ve many Christian friends, and they’re all anti-Capitalist.  They, too, are confused by others within their own religion who use their belief structure to justify Capitalism.

What that leads me to understand, though, is that there’s another axis entirely in all most religions which is not measured but is significant enough that those of us who fall upon one side immediately recognize in each other that belief.

The rest will be in that article.  There’s a funny thing, though, one I recently brought up to my co-writers at The Wild Hunt.  I am not the only gay druid to have ever written about Christianity for The Wild Hunt.  But don’t worry–I’m going nowhere.

A funny matter though–the last significant post said other-gay-druid wrote about gods at all was an almost panicked detailing of his experience with a certain goddess he encountered.

Which reminds me–there’s a really good post by Brennos at Strixian Woods about The Morrigan and proselytization that I’d suggest reading.  It addresses both the matter of the ‘seeming popularity’ of a certain goddess in a way that neither privileges media portrayals nor ignores them.  I think for many of us, the rise of The Morrigan indicates something portentous.  My own reactions with her have thus far been scant and very cautious–she’s not a god I suspect I’ll ever oath myself to, but one it seems I still must offer support to regardless.  Like The Dagda–he didn’t like me one bit, but that didn’t stop me from giving money to homeless people on the streets of Dublin and telling them it was from The Dagda.  He might not like me, and maybe I don’t like him–I don’t know, we didn’t get much a chance to chat–but it is important to me that others notice him, regardless.

And is that not what much of this is about?  A Christian mentioned to me that I’ve helped sharpen his faith in his god, and he’s not the first to have told me this.  But I’m not a Christian and have no truck with their god.  But still, people taking their gods seriously is important regardless of which god that is, especially for those who suspect their god(s) aren’t pleased ’bout how we’re annihilating ourselves by annihilating the earth.

And yesterday, I noted a third review of Your Face is a Forest was posted by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus.  Not only was the review title my favorite ever, but I almost cried reading PSVL’s description of my writing:

But, there is nothing about this style that is “old” in any other sense than that it isn’t preferred by the neophile modern media; the words he uses, the expressions he has, the outlook evinced by all of the writing is not ancient or archaic or outmoded; it is thoroughly modern and post-modern, with roots deep in the places we inhabit now, in modeling a yearned-for responsible and environmentally-accountable way of life and viewpoint that has never existed before, and which didn’t need to exist in previous time periods, when environmental degradation was not at the current pace, when capitalism had not reached the apogee of its excesses, when hospitality was a cardinal rule rather than a commodified quantity and industry, and when telling a good story–no matter how long–was more important than making sure you got where you were going on-time.

E’s review’s called Does This Religion Make My Ass Look Like A Mountain?, and I’m still laughing heartily, a giant’s laugh.

You really want one of these.
You really want one of these.

And finally, have you seen Alley Valkyrie’s new design?  We’re using it for the cover of “A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer” which we’re putting together for our presentation at Pantheacon next week.  We’ll also be making the whole thing available online for download, internet reading, and possibly at-cost printing.

And, uh, peanuts?  Do you have peanuts?  Or other corvid food? 🙂

Be well, you awesome people!

19 thoughts on “Anti-Capitalist Anal-Sex Mountaineering Boots

  1. I presume the anal-sex boots are on the shelf next to the dildo boots (I will try to find the photos of those – there is a story in there)

  2. I’m glad you liked my review; but I’m even more glad that you wrote the book! I hope many more people get to know you and your writings through it! As ever, I meant every word I wrote, and I hope that others realize how important your writing is, and how much you express something desperately needed now</u<.

    As for faces, forests, religions, and asses (and other such things): I really wish that the clear-cutters wouldn’t have taken to my skull as early as they did. I’d happily get some astroturf to replace the old forest, as long as it doesn’t make me look like Donald Trump–his face like an abandoned shit-farm. 😉

      1. oOoo! If I had a patch I could make it into a flag for my tiny urban farm……. but I would buy words as well, of course.

  3. I agree with Terence about the hyphen. A hyphen turns a noun phrase into an adjective to modify another noun: anal-sex advice, gay-druid blogging, all-purpose boots. *g*

  4. The Jew in me has always been flabbergasted at Christians who think the Bible teaches that alcohol is forbidden; I’ve never found any such prohibition. In Judaism drinking wine is a religious requirement on shabbat and festivals (on Purim it’s even a requirement to get drunk). And, funnily enough, secular Jews are notoriously sober, whilst very religious Jews often drink quite a bit. And there’s this:

    You (YHVH) make the grass grow for the cattle
    and herbage for man’s labor
    that he may get food out of the earth—
    wine that makes glad the hearts of men
    oil that makes the face shine
    and bread that sustains man’s life. (Ps. 104:14-15)

    1. Indeed!

      I think there must have been a verse missing from the New Testament?

      John 2:7 Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

      [John 2:7.5 And then Jesus had them bring to him purple packets, and much sugar, and a large stirring spoon, and said to them, “stir this in remembrance of me.”]

      John 2:8 Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”

      1. Don’t forget John 2:7.5b (which the early Christians took out): And then Jesus, being wroth with the packets and sugar, called upon Dionysos to bring wine unto him, saying, “O Lord Dionysos, Eleutherios, Bromios, thou knowst the secrets of all things! Prithee bless this Aid which is Kool, and give us instead Pinot Noir!”

  5. No peanuts, but a Full Moon ritual for the forgotten women
    of Ravensbruck.

    To get to the roots of the atheist/christian/pagan thang, y’all
    have to track back to the Holy Roman Empire and then
    pull up your anal-sex boot-laces and tap the legacies of
    the Limes Germanicus.

    Great design – make an awesom quilt block.

  6. “There’s another axis entirely in all most religions which is not measured but is significant enough that those of us who fall upon one side immediately recognize in each other that belief.” Well said. I think honor/integrity has a lot to do with it, though it’s more than just that.

    Nietzsche: “With one’s principles one seeks to tyrannize over one’s habits or to justify or honor or scold or conceal them—two people with the same principles probably seek something fundamentally different with them” (Beyond Good and Evil, Epigram 77).

  7. I too doubt that I will ever pledge myself to the Morrigan (uh oh, now that I’ve said that it’s likely to happen), mostly because I’m a devotee of Kali’s and the two….. share similar agendas. They are not the same, but are Sisters, as far as I am concerned. But because of that, I am 100% supportive of The Morrigan.

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