The Fires of Brighid

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a very, very long time. It’s an anti-Capitalist manifesto against people in all religions (and no religions) who’d contort their beliefs in order to justify the exploitation of the poor.  It’s also sort of about fisting.

How do religions become lapdogs of Empire?  The same way anyone else does.  Pursuit of political power, promises of wealth, and an eagerness to sell out fellow believers in unholy alliance to governments and the wealthy.

Fuck those people.  And squeeze their livers….


7 thoughts on “The Fires of Brighid

  1. Hail to you, Bard of Brighid. Hail to you for your powerful words. Hail to you for your true words. Hail to you for your incendiary words. Hail, and may your voice and words ever be heard!

  2. That is a very excellent and powerful piece, and I’m glad you wrote it.

    Also: where in Prosymnos’ name do they get these ideas about teh gay secks? What in Sterculinus’ smelly shed does liver-squeezing have to do with anything? I mean, for feck’s sake…apparently, either they’re sorely misinformed (and their heads are by their livers as a result of being too far up their own arses), or I’ve been terribly mislead, and I want my money back. 😦

    In any case, that’s definitely one that should go in your next book. 😉

    1. As deeply disturbing as the image of liver-squeezing is, I do however find the idea of bloodless haruspicia appealing. I can see the hordes of vegan Etruscan polytheists already lining up to sign up for that workshop.

  3. Hi Rhyd,

    just read ‘The Fires of Brighid’ on The Wild Hunt. What to say? I shall confine myself to ‘quite right’ and ‘Indeed: fuck those people.’

    Also, I wanted to say thank you for motivating me politically again. I emailed you a passionate rant (sorry if I went on!) about the struggles we’re facing in the UK over fracking and will be out leafleting this week because we’ve an election coming up in May and I’m tired of being told we can’t change anything.

    Oh and one more thing. Just finished reading ‘Your Face Is A Forest’. It’s beautiful. It’s left me angry and hopeful. Thank you. The last section ‘The Canticle of the Gates’, made me think of ‘backstage’ in Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’.

    You are quite right to say the point is to stay in-between. Keep writing and opening those Gates.

    Warm wishes from London!

  4. Powerful, enraging, and heartbreaking(I lost my mother during that same point in my life(to addiction, not mental illness). Now excuse me while I go squeeze my liver.

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