A Druid Out of His Forest

I’d meant to have a schedule posted as to where I’ll be at Pantheacon this weekend, so any of you fine folks whom I haven’t met might find me, ’cause I’d like to meet ye’.

Rather, though, let’s just try to run into each other, yeah?  There’s a few things I know for certain I’ll be at.  These include:

  • Patheos Pagan Blogging panel (Friday, 1.30pm)
  • Furious Revels (Friday, 5pm)
  • Gods and Radicals (Satyrday, 11am)
  • Turning the Wheel (Satyrday, 1.30 pm)
  • The Morrigan Speaks: Arise to Battle (Satyrday, 7pm)

Also, I’ll be intermittently helping Alley Valkyrie vend for Practical Rabbit during the daytime.

So yeah, come find me!  I’ll be the thuggish-looking tea-drinking guy who’s much nicer than he appears.

“By This I Am Made Restless, By This I Am Made Mad”

Pining, we wander the forests of desire.

For Brân

I mentioned this before, but I figured I’d mentioned it again.  Satyrday’s my birthday.  It’s also the feast of the beheaded saint Valentine.

It’s also a very great day to feed Ravens.  And Crows, Jackdaws, Magpies, Jays and Rooks.  It’d be kinda the coolest birthday gift ever, and in many places in the mid-northern climates, they’re eating in preparation for laying.

Peanuts or other large seeds or nuts are a great idea.  You can do it for me if you want; cooler if you do it for Bran, instead.  But either way, pretty awesome if you do it for them.

Thanks!  And be brutally well.


11 thoughts on “Satyr-Days

  1. I decided not to lug down the huge thing of peanuts we have. However, I plan to fling them all over the driveway and yard tomorrow morning before we leave. I will do it for the corvids here and I will do it for Bran too.

    1. Also: that’s a great song, and would be a good one to prepare for Lupercalia with on Sunday…

      Also also: I had a dream with a satyr in it the other day, which should perhaps be added to the already-unwieldy-in-ength list of things we should speak about when we have time in-person. But, suffice it to say, he had such an immense scrotum that this little chihuahua-like dog could crawl into it like a bean-bag chair and be carried around in it. Yeah…weird. But that wasn’t even the weirdest thing in the dream. 😉

    1. Ah! I shall go have a listen, then…

      One of our Luperci a few years ago (’09, I think it was) recited Crowley’s hymn to Pan before getting Lupercated, which was effective…and then he came wearing the traditional People Against Goodness And Normalcy goat-skin-leggings and little horns. That was fun! 😉

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I shall be feeding the crows from my favourite bench in a park near me. And thanks for the Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer: I’m going to see if I can get some copies distributed.

  3. In honor of your birthday, in honor of Bran, and in honor of my friends, the corvids, I have just left my first offering of unsalted peanuts on the wall circling the back yard behind my apartment. I couldn’t find them unsalted and still in the shell, so after several trips to various stores, I settled on unsalted peanuts without the shell. I know your birthday is tomorrow, but the spirit moved in me when I was out smoking, so today I began this very fun rite.

    I hope you have great experiences at PantheaCon, and enjoy celebrations of your solar return!

    Thank you for your excellent writing, your work, and your courage. All inspire me.

    (I’m trying to get the local public library to purchase Your Face Is a Forest, but so far they’ve just told me via email it’s too new to interlibrary loan just yet. I will continue my efforts to get them to purchase it — they purchase new books by request — and thus make it available for myself and others in the community to read.)

    Many blessings, Rhyd.

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