In Memory of The Commons


Conversations regarding money in Paganism, particularly because of my analysis of certain money-making schemes and my discussion regarding commodity fetishism, have been pretty heated.

But I don’t really want to talk about money in Paganism for a little while.

It’s exhausting and makes me feel a bit ill and reminds me of how un-moneyed I’ve always been.

But meanwhile, the earth around us, the stars above us, and forests within us are free, and the gods don’t take Visa.

So! In memory of The Commons, when our human activities were not waged and we weren’t all scrambling to try to survive in increasingly expensive cities on increasingly shit-wages, Your Face is a Forest is now discounted 60% for the rest of April (the highest discount Lulu allows,) so it’s like $6.80. All proceeds (about $1 per copy) from the sales there will go directly to the fantastic cover artist this month, Li Pallas.  I won’t be taking any of it.

If you want a free copy, email me and I’ll send you one; I’ll pay for shipping. (I’ve got about 5 copies I can send off-hand).

If you really desperately feel the need to pay more, I’ve a donation button on my blog.

But, better, consider buying someone else’s book, like Lorna Smither’s fantastic Enchanting the Shadowlands with the money you save. It’s a damn excellent dream-woven book, soaked in the memories of The Commons and the gods who danced therein.

Or purchase Judith Crow’s God-Speaking, a book equal-parts hilarity and profundity, and the most fun I’ve ever seen common-sense to be.


Be well!

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