A Kindness Of Ravens


A Kindness Of Ravens collects this last year’s worth of essays, poems, and other anarcho-bardic wanderings from here, The Wild Hunt, Gods&Radicals, and other places, including an essay never published on-line.

From the introduction:

Our modern madness is the fear of death, the terror of decay, capitalism’s anxiety about its inevitable demise inhabiting our own consumption. Everything’s to prolong lives whose meaning has been stretched thin, doled out and delivered from Markets in which we are mere passive participants, anesthetized patients awaiting some chirugic intervention which might finally infuse us with the meaning we’ve lost.

Meantime, our world’s dying. I don’t say “the earth,” because it’ll do just fine—probably better—without us. What bits of the natural world that’s still on our side is having an awful time of it, what still wants us around is having serious doubts, and what’s trying to keep us alive is getting awfully exhausted.

“Western Civilisation” is going away, which is quite the relief, but the priests of Capital and Authority who’ve tended its altars for the last three hundred years are sharpening their ritual blades, aware of an old truth every brutal Empire recalls in its dying days. When none of the usual offerings suffice, there’s always the human, and some dark things we wisely put to slumber are awakening to the sounds of their oblations.

Meantime, the gods we pushed away, sent back into the sea or under mountain haven’t lain idle. You might call them by the names I call them, The Raven King, the Liberator, the Lady of The Forge, the Crown of the North, the Bent White One.

Or you might just call them revolution.

Read the rest of the introduction here:  A Kindness Of Ravens-Intro


The Print edition goes on sale February 1st at Lulu for $14.00+shipping, but you can pre-order a signed copy until January 31st here for $10 +$3 shipping.


Or, you can purchase the digital version for immediate download for $10 here.

As with any of my work, if you’d like a review copy or cannot afford to purchase it, please let me know (Aulnaissance [at] gmail [dot] com).

Thanks and be well!

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