A Litany For The Fire

Something I wrote made a few people angry.

I intend to write more on it, but I wanted to compile this neat list of things I’ve read about myself in the last three days. Some other people helped me compile it, because I really haven’t the sort of time to track down everything people have to say about me.

I present them here for your perusal.  I intend to write them all down (along with all the other ones that come up in the next few weeks) on pieces of paper and commit them to a fire dedicated to Brigid.

And like her, I will add more fuel upon the hearth.

And like her, I will laugh.


I’ve been attempting to destroy polytheism all along.
I have betrayed people’s sacred relationships with their gods.
I purposely misworded something
I am too emotionally involved to be writing about these things..
I am carrying out a personal vendetta.
I am ignorant about Fascism.
I am a Fascist.
I am a thuggish Anti-Fascist.
I am not a polytheist.
I am the wrong sort of polytheist.
I am not a polytheist, but a Chaos Magician.
I am an irresponsible Magician.
I accused 98% of Paganism of being racist.
I am secretly still behind Many Gods West.
I am secretly being funded by leftist organisations.
I am so deeply intelligent you should be worried about what I write.
I am making a lot of money from all of this.
I made a friend call the police on another blogger.
I am secretly a primitivist.
I was warned about in a prophecy.
I wanted the Yezidis to die.
I am abusive.
I have made up my gods.
I want to be the leader of Polytheism.
I am an atheist.
I am a traitor.

5 thoughts on “A Litany For The Fire

  1. I read recently that there was a flame war afoot among polytheists. I was not surprised. A few years ago, I offered in a Druid forum an observation that “polytheist” is a word coined by Christians to use against others–sort of like how they co-opted the Latin word “paganus” which means a country-dweller and turned it into a bad moniker for those who were not Christian.

    The short of it was that I was banned from the Druid group. It is the nature of religion that honors multiple deities that there will be multiple perspectives. The hard part of that is that most of today’s modern polytheists grew up as or at least in a monotheistic culture. They honor multiple deities but they still think like a monotheist–as if there can only be one perspective. And so, flame wars.

    I probably qualify as a monist. I honor multiple deities, but ultimately I see them all as connected to some ultimate Source, some great cauldron that works a whole magick together. I honor polytheists. I hope they can learn to accept the multiplicities of views that will arise from their communities and honor my perspective, too. Best wishes to you. Don’t get too burned. YOu don’t want to emerge from this bitter of cynical. The world is full of that.

  2. I know it made me grin, and even laugh a little under my breath, to read this list. More fuel for the fire! Praise and honor for Brigid!

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