(public) Social Justice…or Revolution?

I have a new essay up on Gods&Radicals, the third in my series on Liberal Democracy:

The United States Military recently joined the rest of the ‘civilized world’ (that is, Liberal Democracies) by allowing homosexuals to ‘serve’ openly and women to ‘serve’ in combat. It was hailed as a victory for Social Justice and equality by many gays and Feminists, seen as progress and the victory of tolerance over inequality.

An Arab woman who loses her children and husband to the bullets of an American lesbian soldier probably won’t see this as a victory of equality.

If this sounds harsh, good. We must be harsh in order to cut through the manipulation of our identities by the State.

It’s on why the Social Justice framework has not only failed, but also strengthens the very State which then turns around and kills Black people.

Read the rest here.

My next planned subscriber essay is tentatively titled, “The Gods I’ve Known,” and should be posted by Friday. For more information on subscribing, follow this link.

Be well, all of you!

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