[Public] The Solidarity of Forests and Ravens

As you may remember, I decided to donate 100% of the revenue from digital sales of my two books, half to Gods&Radicals and half to writers affected by the embargo and blacklisting by a media witch.

I just finished dispersing those funds. Some of the authors affected asked their donations be forwarded to a group working against racism in Paganism, so their portion was donated to the group which yearly hosts the Pagans of Color suite at Pantheacon.

I’d like to continue donating sales from the digital versions of my books. I don’t have much money to donate myself, so donating sales revenue to groups who could use it seems like a really good way for me to help.

huar_logo_smSo, from today until 5 October, 2016 I’ll be donating 100% of the revenue from digital downloads to Heathens United Against Racism (HUAR).

And in October, I’ll announce the next group.

So! If you purchase the digital version of either Your Face is a Forest or A Kindness of Ravens (or both!), all the money you pay after Gumroad’s hosting fee (which is very small–I would recommend them to others!) will be donated to HUAR’s work.


To purchase either book, click on the images below.



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