Empires Crumble, Episode 14: Collective Delusions


Most of you probably already know that Alley Valkyrie and I host a podcast on politics, history, culture, and magic called “Empires Crumble.” (If you didn’t already know, now you do!).

We’ve released our latest episode, entitled Collective Delusions. In it we address some of the things that my two most recent essays on this blog touch on, the deep need for us to re-orient all of our thinking away from Empire and towards community and individual resilence and self-sufficiency.

Particularly, we attack the delusion (primarily endemic on the socialist and anarchist “left” in America) that new technologies will come to save us from the climatic nightmares caused by the last 2oo years of industrial capitalism. We spend a little extra time discussing the latest iteration of this utopian progress narrative, “Fully Automated Luxury Capitalism.”

I’ve embedded the link below.  You can also subscribe via iTunes and other services: links for those are here.

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