Brief Notes from the Vale of Melusine

I’m currently in Luxembourg. This is my second time here, and will hardly be my last.

At some point I intend to write a lot more about this place. I need more time to explore, or really just more time in general, as my life’s gotten ridiculously busy and chaotic. In the past few months Gods&Radicals Press brought three books into press (Of Monsters & Miso, The Dead Hermes Epistolary, and a Portuguese translation of my own book, All That Is Sacred Is Profaned). I did layout work for the first and last, and editing work for the second, all of which kept me quite busy.

And I’m still busy. I’m currently in the middle of editing work for a compilation of interviews by the fantastic Patrick Farnsworth of Last Born In The Wilderness. This is scheduled for print early 2020, and I’m also the editor for the next issue of A Beautiful Resistance, the Gods&Radicals Press print journal. That’s tentatively scheduled for March of 2020.

So my busy-ness won’t end any time soon, but visiting my family here in Luxembourg has been a great way to not fall apart in the midst of all that.

And despite all of that, I’ve still managed to keep up my gym work regularly and also to create a few things of my own. Those include the following:

MUSINGS ON A PROBLEMATIC HOLIDAY: This is an essay I just posted today, a reflection about the ‘problematic’ nature of American Thanksgiving and the far more ancient and important ritual acts of thanks-givings beneath all the colonialist and nationalist overlay. In the essay I make the point that these are only overlays, and this is an important point that we miss on “the left.” The mythic pilgrim colonialist tripe is a newer nationalist overlay to an older thing (a lot like the “in god we trust” bit on American money). American Thanksgiving was founded by Lincoln during the Civil War, and only later did the national myth-keepers decide it was a continuation of early Pilgrim harvest festivals.

THE PROVISIONER, CHAPTER SEVEN: The latest installment of my erotic pagan fantasy novella-in-progress. Access to this chapter is limited to Patreon supporters only until 10 December, at which point it’s available to everyone. If you aren’t a supporter or haven’t read any of it yet, you can read chapters 1-6 for free here.

EMPIRES CRUMBLE, 17: Electoral Delusions. Empires Crumble is the podcast Alley Valkyrie and I host, at least monthly. They’re usually an hour long, and tend to focus a bit more on politics and history and culture and a bit less on magic than I’d prefer, but eventually we hope to change it.This episode is on the relationship between our ideas that things can be changed “from within” to the political problems in the United States and the much larger issue of Climate Change. And speaking of doing lots of work, I do all the production/mixing for these episodes as well.

More’s coming, of course. But that’s all for now.

Hope this finds you well and happy, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are in the world.

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