A conversation with Gordon White

This weekend I had the great fun of speaking with Gordon White (of Rune Soup, author of Star.Ships). We talked about politics-as-religion (they’re the same thing), identity politics’ divorce from external reality, the problems with CRT (especially its pro-capitalist foundation), the complete mess that US anarchism is, plus lots of Ursula K Le Guin and the magical potential of the pre-left.

I think my favorite part of the conversation was being able to discuss two things that I rarely write about. The first is the metaphysical/ontological framework of modern society still being ultimately monotheist and religious despite its secular pretensions. The second is mess that is the left/right dichotomy, being based as it is on the seating arrangement of parliamentary hearings in France rather than anything objective.

Give it a watch or listen (my audio is a bit low so you’ll need to crank the volume high).

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