The Threads of Darkness

I’m almost completed the Bardic grade of OBOD. Much of what changed in my world began a little before I started, soul-wrenching dreams and strange spiritual panics in the face of what I understood of the world changing around me. And there’s been this really…dark thread throughout it that I don’t look at much, waiting […]

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Yes (Beltaine, 2014)

Ceridwen That was a very long death this time.  I guess I needed to see the ladle in Her hand to get the point, because seeing Her sickle in the sky and greeting Her means something. I forget.  I forget life while in death.  I forget the light in the darkness, just as I forget […]

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Strings (Ostara, 2014)

It isn’t untrue to say my life is composed of strings.  Cords of cotton and nylon to bind together my affects, to blouse the cuffs of my pants over the boots bound to feet by laces.  Thin leather strips to close cloth bags holding cards, wooden tiles marked with archaic letters,  thicker pouches of stones […]

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