A weekly video series where I discuss druidry, politics, magic, history, and personal thoughts, filmed from forests, sacred sites, and other sundry locations.

New videos are available first to Patreon supporters and then published for the public two months later.

Journal 1: On not rushing seasons or healing

Journal 2: On balance, and humans as bacteria rather than viruses

Journal 3: Changing “what we can have.”

Journal 4: On the Commons and the Enclosure of Land

Journal 5: Beltane, and finding ancient traditions surviving into modern times

Journal 6: On Forests and what they want to be again (and boars!)

Journal 7: Druid beard-pullers (and Red Squirrel interruption)

Journal 8: On Alder and BrĂ¢n

Journal 9: On Arianrhod and the man from the stars

Journal 10: On Odin and how I got to Europe

Journal 11: On Sacred Land, Enclosure, and the hanged man

Journal 12: Summer Solstice, sometimes the magic is you

Journal 13: Climate change & deadly caterpillars

Journal 14: Capitalism and the fear of death

Journal 15: Rhinedaughters and the story of Melusine