Druid Video Journals

A weekly video series where I discuss druidry, politics, magic, history, and personal thoughts, filmed from forests, sacred sites, and other sundry locations.

New videos are available first to Patreon supporters and then published for the public two months later.

Journal 1: On not rushing seasons or healing

Journal 2: On balance, and humans as bacteria rather than viruses

Journal 3: Changing “what we can have.”

Journal 4: On the Commons and the Enclosure of Land

Journal 5: Beltane, and finding ancient traditions surviving into modern times

Journal 6: On Forests and what they want to be again (and boars!)

Journal 7: Druid beard-pullers (and Red Squirrel interruption)

Journal 8: On Alder and BrĂ¢n

Journal 9: On Arianrhod and the man from the stars

Journal 10: On Odin and how I got to Europe

Journal 11: On Sacred Land, Enclosure, and the hanged man

Journal 12: Summer Solstice, sometimes the magic is you

Journal 13: Climate change & deadly caterpillars

Journal 14: Capitalism and the fear of death

Journal 15: Rhinedaughters and the story of Melusine

Journal 16: On the Science of the Ancients

Journal 17: Lugnasadh

Journal 18: On Weight Training and the Body

Journal 19: From The Valley of Melusine, on the transformation of Trauma

Journal 20: On False Collective Identities (guest starring horses)

Journal 21: On cities and “sustainability”

Journal 22: “You Kinda Have To Live…”

Journal 23: Old paths, iron paths, and the silliness of modernity

Journal 24: Beyond the circle of firelight

Journal 25: “On a high place shirtless when a storm comes in…”

Journal 26: Mother and Daughter Rivers

Journal 27: On Animal vs Political life

Journal 28: November, Hunters, and the Wheel

Journal 29: Ancestors, land

Journal 30: In Memory of Judith O’Grady

Druid Journal 31: Gender, and the World Before The Internet

Journal 32: Forests as Mirrors

Journal 33: Ancient Fountains and Land Dragons

Journal 34: Snow…

Journal 35: Remembering what has changed…

Journal 36: The Alps, Ancestors, and continuing beliefs…

Journal 37: Some effects of climate change

Journal 38: From an ancient druid site…

Journal 39: Truffles, and the Indifference of the Real

Journal 41: On Fake Unicorn Horns

Journal 42: On Gardening

Journal 43: On dying traditions

Journal 44: Wildflowers, joy, and a new book

Journal 45: Gods hidden in light

Journal 46: From the Vale of Melusina