This is Beautiful

At Moon in Libra,  Jeannine Murphy wrote about the goddess Hestia under the 30-days of Devotion series.

Her writing is eloquently simple in that way which catches up to you unawares, similar to that almost deceptive simplicity of certain poems which don’t hit you until the last word is read, or the way Virginia Woolf teaches you to think the way she does in order for you to understand what she has to say.  There’s certain magics in writing and words few possess and even fewer address, a seductive disarming of the audience, an entire piece that tells you less “something” and more Something.

Reading it you hear the sense of the hearth itself, the Queen of Pentacles smiling as she wipes down a counter after putting away the last dinner dish while her mind wonders at the sillyness of the world, or Martha knowing even Jesus didn’t understand where food comes from and perhaps uttering a prayer to the goddess who gave up her throne rather than bother with all that nonsense.

I will state one correction.  She states she doesn’t feel she can experience a god at the level of certain others.   But she does, and though there’s no place for envy in such things, I find I almost envy what comes through in her words, water-colour washes of impressions you can best understand only when you unfocus your eyes and let the rest of yourself see.

Want to know Hestia?  Trust me–read the whole thing (I recommend one sitting–the gods deserve our time) and give attention to how you feel afterwards.

And consider thanking her for her work.


2 thoughts on “This is Beautiful

  1. Thank you for your kind and very generous words.

    I didn’t trust myself to respond to this last night. It’s great to have someone whose writing I admire post about something I wrote, and to take the time to say it so beautifully. It’s deeply appreciated.

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