You know I used to write fiction?  A lot of it?  But I haven’t really been able to write any new stuff since all this happened.  I wonder if others have this experience, where the world of fantasy suddenly makes no sense when everything you thought was fictional actually turned out to be true?

I wonder at this sometimes.

That being said, here’s the first piece of fiction I’ve written since everything exploded into brilliant meaning.  Part one of a four-part series on A Sense of Place in answer to the question, “What do we Pagans hope to build?”

The students looked at each other, discomfort and nervousness evident on their faces. “Uh,” said the woman after a long pause. “Our professor told us we should ask you about this place, about how banks become groves, and…” she shifted, quite uncomfortably. “How we used to clean our…um, anuses with paper?”

This never failed to make him laugh.


6 thoughts on “Fiction/non

  1. I have found it harder to write fiction as I have gone on. I think my writing passion is in religious writing and poetry now; I just don’t have the same spark that I used to when I wrote fiction when I was younger.

    1. You know what else became a problem for me? Role playing games, be they online or otherwise. I pretty much stopped altogether after Brighid showed up, and besides not having time for them any longer, I’ve found that some strange satiety for whatever part of myself they filled. To be a bit coarse, masturbation as a metaphor seems apt–previous to all this, I think I was in essence masturbating the faculties which interact with the Other; now, it doesn’t seem necessary or fulfilling, and engaging in that again would be equivalent of masturbating rather than actually having sex with a willing and attractive lover right in front of you.

      That’s another question I’d love to pose to others. I’ve only recently come to gods-worshiping, so I’ve plenty of life experience before this which I’m trying to make sense of, and I know my experience (gods showing up at 36…) is uncommon (but becoming more frequent, I suspect). So I don’t know how it’s been for others who began this earlier, particularly on matters such as fiction and fantasy.

  2. I’ve always had a problem writing when it came to completion. I can’t say that I found myself drawn any less to fantasy or fantastic ideals since I’ve awoken, or anything of the sort. But, I can see why some would say that.

    1. Completion is ALWAYS a problem. It’s become less so for me lately, but, as I’ve two unedited fiction manuscripts from several years ago, I can definitely say I’ve had problems with “completion.” : )

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