The Threads of Darkness

I’m almost completed the Bardic grade of OBOD. Much of what changed in my world began a little before I started, soul-wrenching dreams and strange spiritual panics in the face of what I understood of the world changing around me. And there’s been this really…dark thread throughout it that I don’t look at much, waiting […]

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Utter Darkness and the Return

A rather dark period, but not an unhappy one.  You know what it’s like, certainly–those strange moments of tumult which you must pass through and, in the midst of them, forget that you know there is an end. Things seem always to weave together.  I’ve been thinking heavily upon the dead and death, and thought […]

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You know I used to write fiction?  A lot of it?  But I haven’t really been able to write any new stuff since all this happened.  I wonder if others have this experience, where the world of fantasy suddenly makes no sense when everything you thought was fictional actually turned out to be true? I […]

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Gods and Radicals

I’m a part of what weaves my story, but there are sudden bursts of searing insight which remind me that I am not the only who weaves it, nor are my choices ever only my own. Shall I explain? How can I, really, except to impart fragments just as I view them–not shattered, but patch-work […]

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