Gods And Radicals

fistwordsfinalA Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer

Written by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth, this 32-page zine presents a brief overview on Capitalism, why any Pagan should make beautiful war against it, and some suggestions on how to start fighting it.

We’re making it available in several formats.


Digital Version

This is free and can be read on-line or downloaded as a .pdf.  This is not designed for printing.

Get it Here

DIY Printable version

This is also free, and for those who would like their own physical copy and either have experience assembling zines or want to learn! It produces a 32-page zine on standard (8.5×11) paper, folded in half.  You’ll need 16 sheets of paper.

This is a print-layout, so it won’t make sense unless you’re printing it.  If you just want to read it, use the one above!

Instructions for one copy

Download this one

Set your printer to double-sided printing and follow your printer’s instructions. This option is usually found in the print menu.

If not an option, print only odd-numbered pages.  Then, turn the stack upside down lengthwise–don’t change the order!–, place them in your paper tray, and print all even-numbered pages.

Fold them in half with the cover image on top, bind them (you’ll need a ‘saddle-stapler,’ which is available in every copy shop, or you can sew a binding with a couple of stiches with a needle and thread, or use a rubber band).

Instructions for multiple copies

Download this one

Print all pages.  Then, use the duplex-copy function on a photocopier and copy away!

Print-on-demand version

(coming March 1st)

While it’s much more fun to copy them yourself, and much more anti-capitalist to do so, we’ll also be putting it up on Lulu for distribution.   These will cost $4+ shipping, while printing it yourself will cost you likely no more than a dollar (and it’s much faster!)

Again, better if you print them yourself–it’s an important skill to have, and making our own media is vital if we’re to learn how to throw off the fetters of Capitalism and create our own worlds.  And it’s fun!



10 thoughts on “Gods And Radicals

  1. Hey! Wanted to let you know that I read this primer last night and it was really eye-opening for me. To be honest this isn’t an area I’ve ever given much thought to before. Your primer is well written and does a good job explaining things to the uninitiated.

  2. Hi, there was one exception I took from this zine: the claim that “Communism requires a state.” This isn’t true, unless you use “communism” to mean “Marxism-Leninism,” and I feel it plays into one of the arguments capitalist apologists use to bolster their position. Communism, by definition, is stateless and it shouldn’t be thrown under the bus.

    1. That’s actually not true– authoritarian communism is a thing just as anarcho-capitalism is, sadly, a thing.

      1. Authoritarian communism is an oxymoron, just like Anarcho-Capitalism. I realize that there are, in fact, groups with specific beliefs that go by those names; but my point was’t that there aren’t communists who believe authoritarian means can be used to achieve communism, my point is that they aren’t the only kind of communist that exists. I just don’t think Anarcho-Communism and other Libertarian Communist tendencies should be erased from the picture like this.

      2. Oh, forgot to mention one more thing: even authoritarian communists have as their goal the establishment of a stateless, classless, moneyless society (i.e. communism), and the various projects and attempts by Communist Parties and other M-L-M groups throughout history have never succeeded at that goal, *by their own admission*. So it is simply factually untrue that “communism requires a state.” If there is a sate then you don’t have communism, ipso facto.

  3. I am looking forward to reading this as someone who is both an avowed Wiccan and also a Marxist
    Thank you and many blessings to you

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